Operational Recruitment

As we all will know, for Foodservice customers the Operational side of the business of getting the correct product picked, packed and delivered on time is arguably the single most important aspect to the success of any foodservice business. Using fresh produce as an example, this is often a ‘day one for day two’ order capture, and based around a ‘just in time’ delivery service.

We have been able to successfully work and fill many positions in Operations, such as:

  • Drivers
  • Dispatch and Transport Managers
  • Picking and Packing Managers
  • Warehouse Managers (Day / Night)
  • Operations Managers

Every single one of our clients not only have a sales team, but also a warehouse team. As an extension of our clients we are able to select the right operational staff to the right companies, this could simply be down to the technology used, some businesses still do things with and pen and paper, and are not familiar with voice picking or handheld PDQs, similarly some companies have automated processes and machinery rather than staffed lines. These details are just little examples of how different candidates are going to be more suited to one company over another, and why we need to know everything about how our clients businesses are ran, so we can make sure we are putting the right people in front of them every time.

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