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Due to our size and only working in the Foodservice industry, we are only able to work with a handful of clients at any given time. We look to work with all our clients on an exclusive basis only, however, you can rest assured when we take on a role we continue working it until we have successfully filled it. We have an 100% completion rate with our exclusive clients.

We genuinely believe that if you give us 4 exclusive weeks to fill your vacancy we will do so. Remember we work on ‘quality over quantity’ values, we need you to keep coming back to us and working with us on an exclusive basis allows us to commit all our skills, time and energy into filling your vacancy.

We understand that sometimes it would be difficult to allow us to be the only recruitment business working on your vacancy, in most cases we are contacted after there has already been preferred recruiter(s) engaged who have not been able to fill the vacancy. In these situations, we would look to discuss with you further before agreeing to work on the vacancy, and although this would not be exclusive it would allow us to show you how we directly compare to your existing recruitment partner(s).

Before we take on a role we need to really get to know your business, what you are about, what you are looking for and what you can offer candidates who join your business, this will allow us to become an extension of your company when we are approaching individuals with your name in hand.

Any candidate we introduce will be fully qualified to ensure they meet the desired personality, skills and experience criteria, we ensure this by our extensive knowledge of our client’s business and company profile. It’s important to build up a picture of what both sides want as this increases long term employer/employee satisfaction. Before we even interview any candidate in full they must have already gone through our two stage vetting process. In fact, our selection process is so precise that we only need to present no more than two CV’s per vacancy, this stat is backed up by our 90% CV to interview ratio. By presenting you with the right candidates we are able to save you time to focus on your other responsibilities, instead of having to spend weeks meeting and interviewing candidates who aren’t right for your business. Even better than that we have a 75% Interview to offer ratio, which goes up to over 85% when working with one of our exclusive clients. This success is down to three simple points: our expertise in the Foodservice industry, the time we have spent getting to know you and your business and the fact that we have a secure relationship with all of our candidates. They know that we only arrange interviews that are always suited to their aspirations and expertise. Any agency is only as good as there ‘product’, for us our candidates are our product. If we put the wrong candidates into the wrong interviews, then we would lose their trust and would soon result in us not have a ‘product’ left. To add, some of our candidates have become our clients!

As we only work with the Foodservice industry, we can maximise all of our resources and expertise by building a strong reputation in one sector. We look to work with companies who share the same values as ourselves. This has been the key reason we have not only survived our two years of business but actually grown and developed, building a strong network with clients and candidates alike.

We specialise in various roles solely in the Foodservice Industry, such as:

  • Area Sales Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Telesales & Customer Service Managers & Personnel
  • Account Managers (KAMs, NAMs & NACs)
  • Regional/National ‘man’ Managers
  • Transport and Operations/Warehouse Managers

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