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In The Beginning…

In January 2014 I decided to leave my job as a Food and Beverage recruitment consultant, this was simply down to my views on valuing clients and their needs for long term growth against purely trying to make the most money as quickly as possible. I believed that recruitment companies did not listen enough and can come across as greedy and ruthless. My views have always been about ‘quality over quantity’. One 20 minute phone call to a customer is better than twenty 1 minute phone calls. Similarly, if I was struggling to find the right candidate to fill a client’s vacancy I would continue to make it my priority to complete the assignment rather than walking away and looking for new vacancies. Unfortunately, this idea was not shared with the owners of the recruitment company and I was giving an ultimatum, change the way I work, or change my job.

I had recently become a father, my daughter Isla was born in December 2013, this was a big wake up call for me, now more than ever I had a responsibility to provide for my family, it concerned me that whilst working in a target driven sales environment for someone else I was always going to be asked to comprise my own views in order to keep my job. I had the idea, what if I could set up my own recruitment company? After speaking with my fiancée (Beth) we agreed that if we worked hard and built the business based on values we believed in, we could make it a success, well enough to keep the wolves from the door! We had lots of ideas and soon things started to take shape.

I did however realise I could not do this on my own, although I understood recruitment, there were aspects of running a company which I had no idea about. Beths brother – Christian had run successful construction companies previously. Hours and hours of brainstorming began, working out figures and making life changing decisions. Before we knew it we had created Redhill Recruitment Ltd.

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Key Values

Our objective is simple, once we are given a chance to work with a client, we need to make sure they want to use us again, and again and again. The only way to do this is to offer a 'quality over quantity' service which surpasses the competition. We always focus on this objective and have come up with a set of values to work towards. We view every new client as a potential future exclusive partner, our sole aim is to keep you coming back for the long term. When we take on a role we really get to know your business and what you want as this allows us to become an extension of your company, which we feel is vital when approaching individuals with your name in hand.

Before we work a vacancy we insist on meeting you in person at your offices. Once we are clear on what you need we go out into the market and proactively find candidates who meet the agreed criteria, in some cases these individuals are not necessarily looking for a move. This allows us to bring you exclusive candidates that are more suited to your role, in most cases these individuals are not accessible through generic recruitment methods. Our candidates know that we will only arrange interviews that are always suited to their aspirations and expertise. Both our clients and candidates have confidence that when we ask them to make room in their diaries to meet, it often results in a positive outcome.

After this the mission statement for the company was simple…

"Here at Redhill we take pride in what we do. We are a small family run business with strong values, we focus all our efforts in the Foodservice industry. By simply listening we are able to gain a thorough understanding of both our clients and candidate’s needs – this in turn allows us to offer the right solution, first time. We do not judge our success by using KPI’s to try and fill vacancies, we do not need to make calls or send you numerous CVs simply to fulfil sales statistics. We are trying to change the face of recruitment and are committed to building a business we can all be proud of."

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One, Two, Three Years In The Making

In our first 6 months, we had successfully won and filled various placements with both new and existing clients. This resulted in us having to make a big decision much sooner than anticipated. Do we continue as we are or do we be brave and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone? After a few decisive conversations and calculating the possible risks we decided to re-invest in the company. So in August 2015 we moved to a bigger office and added to our team, employing our first recruitment consultant. The last two years have passed so quickly, through using our ‘quality over quantity’ strategy we have continued to grow by working with and successfully filling vacancies with over 15 companies. We have started to gain trust with businesses who we can work with continuously, growing both a successful company and reputation in the Food and Beverage industry.

As a result of making frequent placements with different Foodservice wholesalers, we decided to focus all our resources, time and experience into developing the Redhill brand within the Foodservice industry. Now we have sole and exclusive agreements to supply all recruitment needs to a select number of Foodservice Wholesalers across the UK.

Not to dampen our ambition, we are conscious not to lose our focus of quality over quantity by developing into a large business with more accounts than we can realistically handle. I am confident that although we may be smaller than some of the other companies in the market, we can offer our Foodservice partners a personal service, yet still be very experienced and capable of delivering the best levels of service possible. After all, we are The UKs only Exclusive Foodservice Recruitment Company.

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Working At Redhill and What We Are About

Redhill is co-owned by myself and my brother in law, Christian. Both our wives work part time, helping with resourcing and the development of our database. We currently have one full time consultant and an apprentice administrator to help support us, we are always happy to speak to people about joining our team. Like I have previously mentioned, one of the reasons I wanted to set up my own company was to manage things my own way. I believe in quality over quantity, it is this culture that I try to implement within the team. Although we are in a performance related industry I do not want people to work in an environment where they are in fear of losing their job and are scared to speak honestly or make decisions. Our office is all open plan and everyone supports each other and works together, we don’t have daily call targets, or KPIs (Key Performance Indictor) which can pressure people to do something simply to hit a KPI, potentially missing the bigger picture.

I want to create a fun, confident and positive environment where my team can challenge themselves, and develop a winning mentality to strive for success and not to give up when things may not go their way. We offer a profit share incentive to all our team based on company performance.

As we only work with the Foodservice industry, we can maximise all of our resources and expertise into building a strong reputation in one sector. We look to work with companies who share the same values as ourselves. This has been the key reason we have not only survived our first two years of business, but have actually grown and developed, building a strong network with clients and candidates alike.

We specialise in various roles solely in the Foodservice Industry, such as:

  • Area Sales Managers
  • Business Development Mangers
  • Telesales & Customer Service
  • Account Managers (KAMs, NAMs & NACs)
  • Regional/National ‘man’ Managers
  • Transport and Operations/Warehouse Managers
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Our Views On Recruitment

Any recruiter can join a generic job board to find candidates and email you CVs, but what can make one recruitment consultant different to another? The answer is their network, as often the best people in the market are not on the market or actively looking for a new role, so they won’t have their CV on a job board.
By only working in the Foodservice industry, we have unparalleled experience that enables us to find and more importantly build trust and confidence with candidates that other recruiters simply won’t. We understand that not all interviews are going to result in job offers, different candidates are going to be a good match for different companies. Recruitment should be a simple process, which starts with listening to the requirements of both our clients and candidates, then matching these to each other.

We class ourselves as 'proactive' recruiters, meaning we actively speak to Foodservice industry professionals every day, it’s one of the best ways to stay ahead and learn about what is happening in the market, so that when are engaged to source individuals we often have people already in mind. This results in us being ten steps ahead of the competition, saving you time and money by getting the right candidate, first time.

Each candidate we introduce will be fully vetted to ensure they meet the desired personality, skills and experience criteria, this is mirrored by our extensive knowledge of our client’s business and company profile. We build up a picture of what both sides want, allowing us to offer the best solution. Before we even interview the candidate in full they have already gone through our two stage vetting process. In fact, our selection criteria are so thorough that often we only need to present no more than two CV’s per vacancy, this stat is backed up by our 90% CV to interview ratio. Even better than that we have a 75% Interview to offer ratio, which goes up to over 85% when working with one of our exclusive clients. This success is down to the fact that we have a secure relationship with our candidates. They know that we will only arrange interviews that are always suited to their aspirations and expertise. Both our clients and candidates have confidence that when we ask them to make room in their diaries to meet, it results in a positive outcome.

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